HTC One Mini 2, Everything wrong with HTC

The HTC One Mini 2 was recently announced, and it sort of shows everything wrong at HTC today.

* Branding: The branding is all over the place with this device, it just sounds stupid to say, they should have just stuck with the already stupid HTC One Mini.

* Size: The HTC One Mini 2 (137.4 x 65 x 10.6 mm) is almost as tall as the Nexus 5 (137.9 x 69.2 x 8.6 mm), thicker and heavier, how can that be a mini phone.

* Cameras: They also removed the UltraPixel, and the depth sensors, I think this is also stupid. If they want to build the UltraPixel brand they need it in more devices, It needs to be a real selling point of HTC's premium devices. And the depth sensor won't really see much developer attention if its only on 1 Device. Leaks of the price point where around £400, that is a lot of money for a phone.

* Specs: Sony has shown us how you do a Mini phone, out of the Z1 and Z1 compact the compact is actual the better device, it has excellent battery life, a better display (IPS vs Sony triwhatever display) the same SoC, Ram everything. The HTC One Mini 2 has specs that are similar too the Moto G, and will most likely want twice the price. I'm not asking for specs for the sake of specs, but it is a huge downgrade from the flagship., and shows HTC are treating this as a cheaper devices and not just a smaller device.

I'm not sure who this phone is targeted towards, the branding is a mess, HTC just needs to get shit sorted out and fast.

Edit: Price has been leaked and its double the Moto G.