Chrome or Firefox?

Call me lazy, but before doing in depth testing myself, what would the tribe recommend?


  • speed of cold start
  • memory usage

I also need adblocker, session manager, youtube downloader/enhancers, urlshortener, qrcode generator and such but I am sure every browser has those covered through extensions.

Those two requirements are because I plan to use the browser as my primary browser for my PC, and on my T100 (when on desktop).

Up until now I have been using opera, but since last year they decided to make it idiot proof instead of full of useful built-in functionality, I need to find a new safe home. I do not feel comfortable using a 2 year old version. Plus cold start on T100 is very slow (~15 sec until it's usable).

IE11, no matter how fast and efficient and slick, fails because it does not have extensions. Which I really can not understand, what are they waiting for?

In any case, and link to a good review or even advice about something I need to consider would be much appreciated.