Why web sites can't save net neutrality.

Web sites rallied to defeat SOPA, but net neutrality is a very different issue. The Verge and other sites aren't going to be able to save net neutrality because the amount of money to be gained without net neutrality regulation far exceeds the amount to be gained with it. There wasn't nearly as much money to be gained by passing SOPA.

Without net neutrality regulation, the ISPs will encourage higher traffic because they'll make more money from content providers, like Netflix. With net neutrality regulation, the ISPs will discourage higher traffic because it only means higher costs to them. They'll also likely discourage traffic by imposing data caps. Net neutrality makes traffic a liability, but without it, traffic is an asset.

The net neutrality issue boils down to money vs. an idealistic view of the internet. When it comes to money vs. idealism, money always wins.

It was easy for me to figure out that net neutrality would fail today because there's just not much to gain from it financially.