Samsung NX Mini vs Sony RX100 III

Have any of you guys checked out the Samsung NX Mini?

So the RX100 III was just announced today and I’m torn between the RX100 III and the Mini. I want the camera with the best image quality thats pocketable WITH a flip up screen for selfies. Since i will be sharing the camera with my girlfriend, i know the flip screen will be used a lot, like we do on our Sony Nex 5r, which i plan on selling for whichever camera we decide on next. I know the Mini is about half the price of the RX100 III, but how much better is the RX100? And coming from a NEX-5R, can i expect the same level of image quality on the RX100 III? BTW, i never invest in new lenses, so i’ve only used the kit lens for the NEX and i have captured some of the most beautiful pictures i ever shot, but like they say, the best camera is the one you have with you, so i’m looking to downsize without sacrificing image quality if possible.

Would love to hear your thoughts