The Verge needs to take lessons from and others


Besides the terrible headlines, the biggest problem the site has is that it's too slow and laggy, in my opinion. I primarily use a 2013 Air so it's not like I'm using a Pentium III XP machine.

It's gotten to the point that I read The Verge primarily via Pocket (even on my desktop) to avoid the scrolling lag. has done it right... the pages load quickly, it's responsive, very clean and scrolling is buttery smooth. Same for ReadWrite... they keep it simple and don't get in the way of the content.

Please follow their lead.

And get a new video player. That thing is terrible.


The longform content, especially the piece on Palm and webOS, is top notch.

And even though the player is terrible, the videos are beautifully shot. Other sites have followed The Verge's lead in that regard and The Verge video team deserves credit for making others step their game up.