I want to come back to the iPhone

I've been using and loving Android phones for the past several years. Having a big screen is a must for me. So with news that the iPhone 6 might have a large screen, I would like to try using an iPhone.

I want to make sure the things I love doing on Android are available on iOS

1) Google Now. I love it. Will I still get my google now notifications?

2) Google Music and Spotify. I do not plan to use iTunes or iCloud Match at all. Can I download songs to the storage from Spotify and google play music and play via Bluetooth in my car without using my data plan?

3) Are the gmail and google drive apps working well? Do I receive notifications via push?

4)is it possible to avoid using iCloud? I like using Google keep and Evernote and wunderlist for my note taking and list making needs. I like using services that are cross platform.

5) is there any news of swype keyboard coming to iOS

Both platforms are close in quality. I hope I won't miss the widgets too bad. Also if android wear turns out to be better than Iwatch, I might just stay with android.