Why do you choose iPhone ?

The title speaks for itself, why is an iPhone your phone of choice ?

For me:

  • Compact size with awesome performance
  • High quality screen
  • iOS, while limited in some respects is stable and a joy to use
  • Well designed apps
  • iCloud integration is great, even though I use it in conjunction with a Windows PC
  • Touch ID (as I own a 5s) is really something I love

I say these after just moving back to iPhone from a Galaxy S4 and having used various other Android phones as daily drivers. While some were good, specifically the LG G2 being my favourite of the bunch, all have had problems of some sort software wise, which is most of the time, but not always down to the fragmented nature of Android. The iPhone 5s that I recently bought offers me the best performance I could expect, but that's just my opinion.

But, what are your reasons ?