Surface Ink? Concept Images of Office Gemini

(video via Matthew Weihl)

via Microsoft Research "Great Inking"

First thanks to Walking Cat (@h0x0d) who posted this on Twitter earlier this morning.



Okay we know in three days Microsoft is supposed to show off a Surface Mini and one of its key features will involve inking. We aren't talking capacitive styli (maybe) but full on digitizer pens.

Now if you didn't know it Microsoft was one of the early proponents of digital inking starting with Windows for Pen Computing, the first Tablet PC, and the Surface Pro line. Windows has made inking a part of the stack; going so far as to APIs.

The presentation I'm linking to is a talk given by Tucker Hatfield of the Office group and William Vong from Xbox. They represent a Cross-Group Inking team made up of people from the Windows,Office, Surface, and Perceptive Pixel to improve inking. The bulk of the talk is about the Group's work in promoting inking as first-class input and not just a feature.



Some of the interesting things for fans of MS Research and inking include the presence of Ken Hinckley (think Courier, Codex and a myriad of research projects on inking and touch) along with one of the creators of Project Gustav (which is better known as Fresh Paint).

Now why is this video important to the Tribe?


The mentioning of Threshold and Gemini

The Courier

And did I mention Office Gemini prototypes of Outlook/Word/PowerPoint/Excel?

All this has made me think that the Surface Mini could be called the Surface Ink because of the pen focus. Anyway this is an interesting discussion on computing and inking from a Microsoft perspective.