Budget phones continue to be ruined by internal memory.

Tell me again why does the SD slot bearing Moto G only has 8 GB memory? Why does the Moto E only has 4 GB memory?

Why do we not have a 32 GB version of the Moto G? Do you suppose people who are on a budget can't possibly have need for higher memory?

A 32 GB SD card costs like $15 so let's not kid ourselves that cutting down on memory saves a lot of money. Sure it does save some money but memory is such an important part of the experience that it shouldn't be crippled in phones that are clearly trying to deliver a full experience.

The Moto E with 16 GB memory would actually be quite a different phone altogether, as it is its almost useless to me. Living with a 4 GB Android phone is a nightmare doesn't matter what SD card you get. It is a budget phone I get it but it gets everything else right but ends up crippling on this one not so expensive aspect.

And this isn't a problem with only Motorola. The Galaxy S4 mini only comes with 8 GB internal memory, basically every company does it.

But there is of course one phone which slapped all OEMs regarding memory and that's the 64 GB version of the One+1. You don't need a high end PC to have a 2 TB HDD, similarly one should not need to buy a high end phone to get loads of internal memory.