Creating a better email.


The previous title wasn't appropriate as this is a concept, not a real app ;) And I wanted to know if you guys have ideas about redesigning email for the future, to make it better than what it is today.


Okay, it seems like this needs an intro.

I designed this after consolidating thoughts on what the future of mobile email can be like, particularly the idea of Windows intelligently identifying keywords in the email (highlighted in the images), tagging and being able to take action directly from there, and the idea of quick-response to emails.

I decided to focus on the inbox screen, as it was the first thing anyone would encounter when he or she opens the mail app.



(yes, I do miss the design of the L920.)

It is crucial to correlate font size, colour (or color) and font weight with the importance of a particular piece of text. It was difficult crafting what font size and what font weight and what colour should be used for each piece of detail

  • The sender takes precedence over all other pieces of info, so it should be given the largest font size
  • The title draws in attention, but not too much as the content of the email is important too, hence a smaller font size, a thicker font weight, and given a colour based on the email's tag
  • Summarised content keeps the user aware of what's the gist of the email, hence it is indented, and in a slightly larger font size than the title. No need for colour unless it is a *keyword*, but in a slightly lighter font weight as we don't want to visually overwhelm the user with heavy text.
  • Windows identifies keywords and summarises them as icons: denoted by the calendar icon (implying a date or event in the email) and the paper clip icon (implying attachments). It should just be in the user's viewing angle, but does not draw attention, hence the grey colour and the lighter font weight.
  • "IN Admin" denotes the conversation this email is in. It is in green text (as it is tagged), but a small font size so as to not distract the user from the content.

I believe it is key to decipher the importance of each piece of info before crafting a proper inbox home page. That way, the content is elegantly presented yet crisp in its purpose - to deliver the right amount of necessary information to the user.

The idea of elegance and crisp presentation is also clearly depicted in the quick-response screenshot where the user types in his or her reply while having a view of the emails that come before.


Viewing multiple emails

There are times when you have to switch between emails while composing an email. Instead of pressing the back button and doing finger gymnastics, why not swipe down with two fingers from anywhere in the app to reveal a multitasking environment for the content you care about.

  • Kill tabs with a swipe down.
  • Get access to folders, all attachments in all of the emails and settings.




Doesn't need an intro really.



I'll just let the images do the talking.


  • This is a concept, not a real app. (although I wish it could be)
  • Do write in feedback! It's the only way for designers to improve on their own work.

Images showing inbox and quick compose



The images are 2-by-3 screen edge ratio.