Just bought a Lumia 925. To-Do Apps recommends?

Hi all,

Just got a Lumia 925, upgrading from a Palm Centro. I feel like I would have been stunned with any smartphone, but man this one is sweet :) I've been setting it up to my liking -- found all my Windows 8 favorites (NextGen Reader, Reading LIST, IE), and some new ones (The Verge app, and oh my word, DAT Nokia MixRadio! Love it). Anyways, I'm looking for a solid tasks app. On my Wn8, I use gTasks HD which syncs with Google Tasks, but that isn't available on Windows Phone. Also, there's a paucity of apps that support Google Tasks sync on Windows Phone. Bummer. The one Todo app that really has great design (because it's a ripoff of Clear), Clear List, doesn't support gTasks sync.

So, any of you use a single tasks solution across Windows 8 and Windows Phone? I really just need them to sync with each other, and not especially with Google Tasks. I've tried Effectual but the design is stymying me on Windows 8, and it hasn't even been updated to 8.1.