The new Ford Mustang - Your Thoughts?


So what does everyone think of the new Mustang?

I've never been a Mustang Fan and I will say that now, I think older generations look quite boxy and ugly. But this new model? Beautiful!

It actually reminds me of a BMW 4 series, very similar lines, so much so I think you could swap the hood and face and not a lot of people would notice (so much for the car "not being inspired by Europe" ;] ). But I have to say I really do find the Mustang the more appealing of the two.

BMW 4 series

With the apparent hike in interior quality (finally!) and fully independent rear suspension (FINALLY!) we may see a price increase over the outgoing model. The current entry level car retails for $23,000, with rumours that the mid-range engine (entry level engine in the UK), the new Turbo 4, will cost around £30,000 (~£24,000/$40,000 without Tax, Delivery and Registration).

$40,000 seems a bit steep to me when the V6 could potentially be nearly half that price. Though, given Ford's insufferable gaul to sell their small turbo charged engines for lofty price hikes in the likes of the Fiesta and Focus, it wouldn't be out the realm of the possible.

I really hope its cheaper at around £25,000. That'd undercut the Nissan 370Z by £2000 and take it out of the firing line of the Germans. it may eat into Focus ST and new (rumoured 350BHP) Focus RS sales, though. Time will tell.

But price rumours aside, I really like the look of the new Mustang. The Turbo 4 will be the engine of choice I think: Economy, featherweight, 305bhp and all that amazing low end torque associated with such an engine. Music to one's ears!