What can Apple possibly do with iPhone 6 ?

The Smartphone has reached the saturation point. It's really difficult now to make a new product exciting.

As we turn our attention to iPhone 6, Apple still has the 'big screen' ticket unused. I don't know how Apple will implement it, but lots of work must have been done to enable a seamless transition for developers and users.

But my question is, what else?

A new design, faster/more power-efficient processor, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, better camera...

iPhone 5 offered nothing exciting but it introduced a breath-taking design and really important features like LTE. I am pretty sure iPhone 6's design will exceed our expectations. But... until when can Apple rely on design alone?

Do you think a bigger screen will be the only main feature of iPhone 6? Do you think that you will be just satisfied with a bigger screen or do you wish for more? Share your ideas and thoughts!