I had a comment deleted by The Verge

I had a comment deleted by The Verge.

I'm struggling finding a reason on why it was deleted. The only reason that fits is one that I wouldn't expect from this site: censure.

Let's put something out of the way first: my comment wasn't spam nor porn, and I even wasn't insulting nor cursing. I was expressing and idea regarding tech-journalism, and that's why this feels like censure.

I hate the fact that I don't have with me the exact comment I made (a screenshot of it or something as a proof). But I'll try to replicate it here because I would like to hear other people opinion/feedback.


The article I commented on is Remastered 'Halo' games reportedly coming to Xbox One this year by Dante D'Orazio.

My comment quoted the first line of that article:

Microsoft surprised no one when it announced ...

I said that this is something that needs to change in tech-journalism, the typical attitude of "I'm not impressed" towards almost any announcement.

Even if a company makes what could be considered an "obvious" move (like Microsoft's Halo 5, Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 or Amazon's next Kindle) why do many of the reporters out there have the anxiety to quickly bash the announcement? What does comments like "Microsoft surprised no one" apport to the article?

I mentioned that a reporter is kind of defeating the whole purpose of his/her job with an attitude of "These news are actually not news to anyone". I'm expecting the same kind of reactions when the Surface Mini and the iPhone 6 are officially unveiled.

A reporter has its own style of telling the news and I respect that, however, the constant "we've knew it all along, I'm not impressed" apathetic attitude is something that proliferates tech-journalists; they should be above it for their craft to mature. There's a big difference between stating something, and bashing something.

I consider this to be a constructive criticism, not aimed at anyone in particular but to the tech-journalism in general. I expect these observations to be considered important to debate, not to be deleted (specially from this site). Why was my comment removed?

Thanks for reading, I would like to know what you think about this, all feedback is welcome.