Sony RX100 Mark III or Nikon D3300 for an Eurotrip?

Hey everybody,

I am going to live in Europe for a year begining in September and I want to have a proper gear to capture my trips. I do not have any experience in photography and have knowledge only about the basic rules of composition, exposure, etc, and my only camera is my iPhone 4S. I planning to buy a camera in July and I was decided to buy Nikon D3300, but few days ago Sony announced the new RX100 Mark III and I saw people freaking out on web posts and Youtube comments, saying that the RX100 line is awesome and I can get a great quality in a small package, and this portability called my attention, since would be lighter to carry around on a trip.

I know they are two very different cameras, but would like your opinion. Please feel free to suggest any other camera that you think would fit better to my purposes!