Are some people more scared of Google than the NSA?



It's become quite fashionable to hate Google these days. Anyone that's ever believed big brother's watching them has now jumped on the Scroogle train (and not so much the NSA train for some bizarre reason).

Has Microsoft damaged Google with it's negative ad campaign, is it all the Google+ bullshit or is it more the acquisition spree and Larry Page's Burning Man obsession? Am I talking out of my arse?

Only one of those questions has an answer, and it's the second one, and it's probably yes.

But I am pretty shocked by the number of people that scaremonger about Google but fail to realise they're already being genuinely by the American government. That's a lot worse than running your emails through an algorithm and sticking a bunch of flags next to your name on a private database somewhere.

eez-eh by Kasabian on 'being watched by Google' (starts at 1:56)

Here's an article on Google in music. It goes to show that the NSA scandal hasn't enough press at all in my opinion. The severity of it is massively understated.