AT&T Gigapower

Hey everyone,

I'm currently in the process of moving to a new apartment for 6 months before I buy my first house (humble brag) and I'm looking into the broadband offerings in my area.

I've been (unfortunately) using TWC for quite a while and in an attempt to not use them anymore, I was looking at what else was available to me.

My options are AT&T Gigapower (300 MB/s) for $70 a month compared to TWC (20/2) for $40 a month. The decision should be incredibly easy, but I'm worried about being capped as I do an incredible amount of streaming, downloading (steam) and web usage.

Does anyone know if AT&T Gigapower is capped? I haven't found anything saying that it is, but maybe someone else already has it and knows a little bit more than me.

Also, do they traffic shape at this speed?