I'm selling my Xbox One, buying a PS4

So I bought an Xbox One, tried Kinect, I had my complains, feel like it was a sour gripe that may turn into fine wine down the road, but today I feel I've just been reaped off.

After last week's news, we all had the feeling that things where not good for Kinect, there are tons of reasons for that but the single most important one is that it just does not work as advertised right now, and after seen the latest developments on the Kinect debacle, it just seems like it wont do it ever.

The layoff occurring at Rare tell a lot of what is going on, it seems like MS if trying to walk away from kinect right now and move forward with out it. That leaves current owners of an Xbox One in the dark, with a muddy vision of what comes ahead for their very expensive piece of kit.

Microsoft really needs to come upfront and talk about the future of Kinect for current users and future ones. its true that it won't stop working all of the sudden right now, but kipping it working is as much of a concern as updates to improve its performance and more importantly, software to support it.

So I paid a 100 dollar premium nothing, I will be selling of my month old Xbox One and buy a PS4, hope I can at least cover the full cost of the PS4 and not have to offer it for less.