Xbox One: Impressions

I finally decided on the 28th that I'd pick up the Xbox One, well actually, I had decided to purchase a new games console.


I had two options in the store I was in, side by side, they were:

XBOX ONE: £399

  • Titanfall
  • Call of Duty Ghosts
  • 1 Month + 14 days + 7 days of Xbox Live
  • Call of Duty Ghosts
  • 12 months membership
I decided to go for the Xbox One - what really astounded me is that both consoles are now retailing for pretty much the same price, give or take a few pounds.
The Xbox One actually seemed like better value to me, with the inclusion of Kinect, two games which are selling for up to £54 each.
Here though, on price alone both consoles are pretty matched in my opinion. So my next question was value in terms of features.

#2 Features I love:

-Xbox Live subscription tied to everyone on the console. So, this console is for me and my partner, it's great that we don't need two Xbox Live subscriptions, and we can sign in and out with ease too.

-Multitasking. Hands down, this is a fantastic feature, although still quite limited, it's far better than the previous Xbox. In that I can quickly hop in and out of apps and games without having to reload anything.

-Inclusion of Kinect: I'd never been a fan of kinect. However, voice control/gesture navigation is great. Whilst not perfect, the potential for a really deep and powerful experience is there.

-Xbox Music: My entire library has synced from my laptop to Xbox Music, the Xbox is already fitting well into the current services and devices I use.

- Xbox smartglass, even on my iPhone, is a great companion.

-Apps such as YouTube and Amazon Instant Video: No longer do I need to use my laptop to access these on my TV, it's all easy to do on the Xbox One.

-Battery level indicator on the Xbox One home screen - just a nice feature to have really.

-Internet Explorer, hands down, glad it's there and really functional.

-The design of the console - it looks and feels substantial, which I personally think is great.

#3 Things which need improvement:

-You cannot play music whilst playing a game, unless you snap in the music app. I would have hoped that you would be able to do this, and it would be a great feature to have in the future.

-Kinect+navigation+navigation: I would love the voice control to become far more powerful, fast. This is both a combination of being able to use more natural language and also, to do more things. From being able to say "Xbox, open Music and play xxx", or "Open YouTube and search for xxxx".

-More apps, more games; The usual, it's new and will obviously improve over time, but the more, the better.

-Home screen/pins: It'd be nice to have way more control over what is on the home screen. Right now, I would prefer it if tiles would not duplicate across from pins to home. I'd also like to order them and perhaps have different tile sizes and maybe backgrounds too.

#4 Things I hate:

- Games take up a lot of space, currently, I have 200GB free. Now obviously, for a system which cost £399 I did not expect 2TB of storage, or equally, for games to be so small that "next gen" does not advance. However, I am worried about space considerations in the future.

- TV pass through right now is not the best, it really needs work for us to really want to use it beyond messing around.

All in all, for £399 and knowing that the console will be around for at least half a decade, perhaps even a decade, the cost is minimal.

Over the next year though, I imagine and pray, that the experience does improve considerably, with both gaming and voice control/apps as the center pieces.