Google Search update breaks almost all my favorite xposed modules:(

Google Search was updated to 3.4.15, which seems to kill the Xposed Google Search API. There's not much on it apart from a Xposed developer who is responsible for the popular GEL settings module, which allows customizations of the GEL launcher. (much needed customizations i might add).

Originally Posted by theknut View Post The recent GNL update broke all of XGELS functionality. Google decided to obfuscate the apk and therefor there is no way for me to make XGELS work again. They were using classes of which are open source but it seems like they either renamed the packagename or something like that or they are basing GNL on something different.

Well... I don't have any words for this. I don't understand why Google doesn't want me to make more people use GNL. I for one will restore my TB and use it for a while but will eventually move on to Nova launcher I guess. There is literally no reason for me to use GNL. Especially in Germany many functions are not even working.

Thanks to everyone who sticked with XGELS. I'll miss it grately. Auf Wiedersehen!

I used AutoVoice for tasker and a Plex plugin, which allowed me to use google now (along with my notes "Hi Galaxy" feature) to turn on and off lights, start streams (although not turn the TV on directly, yet) Yet since this release, all of that sweet, delicious functionality is gone.

i find this ironic considering siriproxy still works after 3 years or so:/ I guess i'm staying on Google Search 3.3 for a while! Frustrating!