A call to anybody with the recently released Sony a6000

Hey All!

So I purchased a Canon T4i last sping and used it thoroughly that summer. It suits all my needs as an hobbyist photographer except for one.. Mobility. I often find myself trying to make the decision on whether I should just use my iPhone or lug around my DSLR for some higher quality shots, and this has led to me just using my phone more often than not. I only have the kit lens that came with my camera and I occasionally whip out the tripod so my issue isn't really an overabundance of gear here.

Getting to the point.. Anybody that has had hands on experience with the A6000 how have you liked it so far? How does it compare to shooting with a full sized DSLR? Do you find that you bring your camera out more to shoot because of its more compact nature? Any input is valued here as I am considering selling my camera to put some money towards the A6000.