Google Now - Not a big fan

Google Now is really a great idea. But never has worked correctly or on time for me. Anyone else feel this way?

  • I work by a Walgreens (about 2 buildings away) and so every morning I'm at work, I see Walgreens loyalty card at the top. Seriously?
  • Starts showing bus times from work to home from 3pm until midnight. In the past 6 months I've used Google Now, I've never left work before 7p but it just cannot learn. (Location is always on).
  • Additionally, whenever I open Google Now manually, the cards are for some 30 minutes before. I understand that it cannot be updating data continuously but refreshing Now every time basically makes the whole thing less useful.
  • Did a single search about Nexus 5 GPS problems and it displayed cards for a whole week about "Nexus 5". I know that I can swipe that away but not sure how a single search influences this.
  • It has never detected and alerted about a package delivery status. Not sure what's wrong but has never happened. (Allowed to access Gmail and no setting either).
  • Currently it's showing events around me. I've swiped similar cards away countless times and it keeps showing me information I do not need. And where do I turn off these events cards?
  • Not sure what TV & Video category does at all? I've given my cable provider and on-demand video providers I use but have never seen a card on that. Instead I get a card saying that it detected a "Panasonic TV" on my network. Should it be recommending shows or movies on now or something?
  • Why show sports card at the top in morning when I'm getting out of the door to work? Doesn't make anny sense at all.

I can go on and on. I cannot remember a single situation when I've had that 'ha' moment with Google Now for one of my daily routine. I still use it daily but use it like any other app to keep up on things by checking it now and then.