Microsoft should buy Netflix

So, I've heard and myself pitched the idea of MS buying Netflix. I've been told reasons which I don't recall as to why it's not a good idea.

I believe 1 was it's too expensive but yeah. I feel like if they bought it they could rebrand it to Xbox Video or the more laughable idea I have (XFlix). Rebranding it to Xbox would be huge. Netflix is a VERY well known brand much more than Hulu or Amazon. I know a friend from a unknown Caribbean Island who knows and uses it.

With the Re-branding it would make Netflix known alongside with Xbox and furthermore great TV hits like House of Cards (which apparently is huge in China where XB1 is going), Orange Is The New Black, etc. Xbox wants to create a seperate platform from Netflix..why do the harsh climb to that point and instead get there and start to grow now.

It'd be exciting and with how some big movie studios are getting hurt all while seemingly services like Netflix are thriving I think it'd be a huge purchase. Facebook is buying Instagram, Google is bought Youtube, Microsoft wants to leap into the modern age and Netflix would be their big purchase.

So why shouldn't they? And if not do you feel it's true they need to make a huge buy and if so who if not Netflix should they buy?