Julius Csotonyi spends his days imagining the past, and then turning that into reality. As a paleoartist, it’s his job to illustrate just what dinosaurs and other extinct species really looked like, using a combination of research and artistic skill to recreate creatures and scenes that no-one has ever seen before. His work has been used to depict the discovery of new dinosaurs, and to illustrate museum exhibits across North America. He even created dinosaurs featured on a series of glow-in-the-dark coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint.

It's a process that has evolved quite a bit over time — while Csotonyi started out using pencils and ink to sketch towering dinosaurs, he now uses a complex process that meshes digital techniques and photography in order to create work that's as accurate as possible. "My intent is often to endeavor to create as realistic a reconstruction as possible of scenes that we cannot go out and photograph," he explains, "since they are in the deep past."