My Outlook experience

I just thought I would make this post to let the world know what happened to me. Im not dissing the company, but they do need to have a look at things.

So i need to make a new email account. I already have a Gmail one, so i thought id make a hotmail account. Now its all Outlook as it turns out. So I make it, from Sydney, Australia. I set it up. go through the settings, start locking shit down. Get 2 step verification. Put a secondary email in. Put my phone number in, you know for "security purposes". Password was a made up one. 15 units long, with numbers, capital letters, and small letters and hyphens. in a jumble. Like super secure.

So I'm watching tv. and about to do the last setting changes, around 15 mins later, and BANG. Got an email on my Gmail account, that "Suspicious activity" has been recorded on my account, From Singapore. Got an IP address too. Reset my password. And submitted the account to be closed.

Moral of the story: WTF?! Havent even finished making an email account, and it got hacked?!@ If i knew how to put pictures up here, i would show everyone the proof. Have the emails on my Gmail account.

Has it happened to you? What email accounts do you guys use? Posting it in Microsoft forum for this reason.

Here i was thinking Microsoft has lifted its game but yea nah .