Let's talk about that 3:2 aspect ratio

This is the one thing I'm somewhat hesitant on with the new SP3 due to the majority of media content designed for 16:9/10...

Images/wallpapers shouldn't be a huge issue as they can stretch or be cropped pretty easily.

Videos however...

Thanks to VLC (the desktop version - NOT the app version - as of yet), aspect ratio cropping exists as a feature that allows you to crop the excess video off of the screen to maintain 100% full screen (aka, no black bars) - which is awesome. Unfortunately, YouTube does NOT have such a feature and that is where I do most of my video watching (which I'm still flabbergasted as to why Microsoft has yet to start their own community video service as a competitor to YouTube, and now with Google buying Twitch that gives them even MORE power to screw over WP/W8 and now possibly XB1 users - anyway totally different topic of discussion).

My other concern is games. Can we expect all, or at least most, desktop games to work natively in 3:2?

What are your thoughts? Any other cases I didn't mention where 3:2 might cause issues?

Otherwise, the SP3 looks pretty damn good to me (although I wish it came in black like the SP2 - wtf?)