Why are Microsoft's presentations so aggressive?

I can't believe no one here, nor anybody from the Verge staff have picked up on that point. Just watch this cringefest of insecure verbal diarrhoea:


Why does nearly every person that comes on stage from Microsoft appears to be angry with the audience? The tone is is like that of an annoyed teacher speaking to a bunch of unruly kids.

Every line that they say is so aggressive - "look", "listen", "pay attention now people", with a tone of voice and facial/hand expressions of clear distrust and disgust with the audience.

I mean, what the fuck? I'm not sensitive by any means, I'm more surprised that no one seems to have picked up on the tone of these presentation always being "self-indulgent"*.

At this point it is seriously much better for Microsoft to just release a PowerPoint presentation with pictures of the device (which actually looks ok) and text describing the features.

These people might be brilliant in the labs, but how on earth did they get to present the product to the public/developers is beyond me.

* Mod edit: Inflammatory comment removed. OP contacted. "self-indulgent" was the best replacement I could come up for the removed material.