A couple TheVerge usability questions

Hey Guys,

I have three things that bug me about the way TheVerge site works and I am wondering if anyone notices the same thing or if someone can point out that I am doing it all wrong.

1. There does not seem to be a place to click on to get back to TheVerge home page once you have scrolled down the article. The only way I can work out to do this is to click on 'to the top' Verge icon in the right hand corner of the nav and then once at the top click on TheVerge large logo to go to the home page.

2. Does anyone else end up mis-clicking on the search icon? I find that even though I have used it numerous times I still never expect it to be a hover activated element and I end up clicking on it. Then once you click on it you are taken to a page with no search box (you are instead shown a search results page with no results).

3. I can't work out a way to get notification for activity on my posts or comments. Where can I configure this?

These things have been bugging me for a while so I figured it was time to ask about them