Surface Pro 3 Battery Life: Did They Nail Everything?

Now I'll admit I'm not much of an MS fan, but I was planning to get an AtivBook 9+ because I needed some Windows software. But that is in question now due to the SP3. MS and the press didn't mention battery life, and that's pretty important. So somewhere in the press release I found a link to the specs and saw it said 9 hour battery life.

So for $1130, I could get a 2160 x 1440 12" laptop equivalent with a touch screen, i5, 4GB, and 128GB with 9 hour battery life. That seems like a way better deal than the AtivBook 9+. Why didn't MS or the press talk about the battery life? 9 hours is great and they should be celebrating the improvement. Now if the keyboard and trackpad work great, I think this is the closest Windows has ever been to a no compromise laptop at reasonable cost. I really want to see the reviews on this thing. This is the first time I've really been excited by an MS product in a while.