Type Cover 3 - trackpad size and gestures

So the SP3 is looking very tempting as a laptop replacement (although waiting till August in the UK is gonna be tough).

Just wondering if anybody had any input on the trackpad size. I know it's whatever% bigger than the old one, but how does it actually compare to laptops?

For reference, my current daily driver is an Asus S300CA - pretty budget machine that I upgraded internally. Wanted to swap to a Yoga 2 Pro, but the trackpad size on that really held me back.

That and the gestures being worse IMO than my Asus... Gestures are actually a bit of sticking point for me - even downgraded the driver on the Asus because the new one replaced my 3 finger app switching to some slow, janky Asus made switcher... Anybody know what Surface gestures are like?