For the Verge Staff in regards to Surface Pro 3

Hey guys, I'm hoping someone from the Verge team can see this before you guys do a review. It would be awesome if you could go a little deeper with this review and really dive into the pens on both The Pro 2 and Pro 3 and maybe compare them, and show the differences. I personally think it would be better to compare using a Bamboo stylus feel coupled with Pro 2, and the new N-Trig pen that comes with Pro 3. Because most serious artists don't use the Stock Surface Pro 2 pen as their creation stylus. They use the Feel, or another penable.

As i've spoke to a lot of my fellow industry friends, and other top people who actually use The Surface as their main digital art creation device, we feel we need you guys at the verge to dive into both pens so we can know if there's a noticeable difference in pressure. Some just bought the pro 2, and now are really confused as to return it and get the new one. They don't know if they are downgrading in pen technology, or if there won't be a difference at all. Thanks :)