Now bring on the Surface 3! What i would like to see....

I am stil a fan of My Surface 2. Love the thinness, weight and battery life advantage as well as the almost " hassle free". Nature of RT which fits my use case. An upgraded Surface 3 with some of the pro3 stuff would be great! So bring on

- 16:10 display 1920x1200, something like 11" with the same width but smaller bezels

- Tegra K1 or Snapdragon 810

- New type cover like surface pro 3

- 2 or 4GB of ram possible, 32 up to 128GB storage

- Same pen tech as on surface pro 3

- Desktop ditched and replaced by pen enabled metro versions of office & outlook

- Upgraded Battery life 12 hours

- Louder speakers like pro 3

- Same kickstand possibilities

This would be an instant buy for me. What do current surface RT/2 owner think? Would you buy this, or what would you want extra on top or instead of the above?