In what world is the iPad Air a better tablet then the Surface P3?

...unless you think a miniscule weight difference is what defines "better" in tablets? In that case the iPad Mini triumps most and a Nexus 7 is the clear winner?

I do understand some people would like a smaller form factor device to use as a tablet, but when the weight difference is this small I don't believe it even matters.

In every category, the Surface P3 beats the iPad (anything) senseless. It has a much MUCH better OS that is also very capable and flexible. That same OS is also (admiteddly arguably) easier to use and maintain than iOS.

It has a true mobile UX that will bend to your useage pattern. It is a fantastic device, a great laptop, a great tablet. NOT a mediocre one. It has battery life at 9+ hours (from what we know). What in the world are you people smoking?

People that are going on with this "jack of all trades" nonesense seem to think that just because a device offers such diversity it MUST suck in a category.

The one omission from the Surface P3 that DOES actually make a difference (in terms of a tablet AND laptop) is cellular connectivity which is equally important for laptops as well.

If you prefer a lighter and smaller device then say so in your comments about tablets. But please let's not pretend that that sack of s*** (iOS) is in anyway CLOSE to being a modern mobile OS. Not even with the facelift it recently got.