Why surface might never become a mass market success

Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014


Hey Guys, i just wanted to share some thoughts with you that i have about the new surface pro 3 and surface in general. I just want to explain my situation a bit so you cann follow my thoughts a bit better. Hope ure not bored to fast ^^

While I would prefer a tablet with a small screen size of 8" I do like the thought of having one device

for all tasks: tablet laptop, desktop (with a docking station and a monitor). I went all in on this idea,

Sold my desktop pc, my old surface rt and my laptop to get a surface pro 2 with a type cover and a docking station.

I really love this device very much but nevertheless i always thought it is too heavy and thick for a tablet and the screens is too small for a laptop. Now the surface pro 3 comes out, and i hoped it would be a device just like the surface pro 2 just lighter and thinner, to improve the tablet experience, since i do not use it as a laptop very much. And although i really appreciate they did a lighter and thinner device, i hate the new larger screen, because to me, this kinda ruins the tablet xperience that I personally (!) would prefer (smaller screen size). Now i do not only think i am not going to buy the sp3, i also have heavy doubts on microsofts surface concept in general. While the sp3 might be much better for a lot of others who use it as a laptop regulary and like large screen tablets, it leaves out ppl like me. And i can see no way microsoft could overcome this problem. Whenever they cater to one group, another one will be left out. It might be true the sp3 is the device, that offers both, a great tablet and laptop xperience but i do not think it will ever be possbile to make one device that really fits all of the different preferences ppl have. This in mind, can the surface ever become a true mass market success? I really doubt that. The only way i think surface might become a bigger success is microsoft issuing more form factors each device generation to fit the individual needs of their customers. But is this possible at all?