In what world are we living in?

I never thought I'd see the day where Microsofts flagship hardware costs 799$ for an i3 CPU, 4GB and only 64Gb of storage (slower MSATA too I believe) where you also need to pay 129$ for it to have a proper keyboard.

People can never complain about an Apple tax when your willing to dish out 929.00 for a i3 CPU, 64gb SSD, and 4gb. The MacBook Air is now cheaper and has better specs than the surface.

The SP3 would be a far better product if it started at 499$ and 629$ with a keyboard for those low specs.

For example, I could buy a 899$ MacBook Air with 11.6" screen, 4Gb Ram, 128Gb PCIe SSD and an i5 CPU with a better HD 5000 GPU plus a non retina iPad mini for 1200$ (without student discounts). Where as for the SP3, to get the same specs i'd i have to spend 999$ on the surface and 129 on the keyboard for 1130$. So for 70$ and 1 pound more, I get a no compromise laptop that can run windows and OS X with a better GPU, faster SSD interface, better trackpad and keyboard and a tablet that is the standard for apps and games and battery life.

I just have a hard time fathoming why MS is charging so much money for the SP3, its not a bad product but its a bad product for that price is all.