Comparing The Ipad and MacBook Air to The Surface Pro 3

Now I chose the words for the title for a very specific reason. I'm not looking to compare the Surface Pro 3 to the Air and iPad, but rather the other way around. Everyone seems to be deciding to compare the SP3 to one or the other, but no one seems to compare one or the other, to the pros of the SP3. So i'll just do this briefly, I haven't thought this through long and hard, so some of these are just from the top of my head. If you have additions, feel free to comment.

So let's get started

In comparison to IPad Air

- Kickstand, allowing media consumption when hands are full
- Inking: For students taking notes in class and drawing.
-x86/x64 program functionality: Photoshop, steam, Maya, etc.
- Touch optimization with Photoshop exclusive to the Surface Pro 3. and other adobe touch optimized products coming "in the not too distant future".
- Bigger screen size : Nearly same size as the smaller surface pro 2 from a feel standpoint but with slight increase and reduction in bezels resulting in much bigger screen size.
- Side by side multitasking

In comparison to MacBook air 13"

- About a pound Lighter
- Much thinner
- Superior display 2160 x 1440p in comparison to 1440 x 900p.
- Inking: For taking notes digitally
- 6% more visible screen content on the Surface Pro 3 than 13' Air, due to Microsoft specifically scaling windows with this device.
- Rear facing camera, which can be toggled from front facing camera during video chat.
- Touch screen

There's probably things that I've missed or overlooked, but if you're going to knock the SP3 for not being an iPad or MacBook, be sure to knock the iPad or MacBook for not being a surface. It goes both ways. So keep things in mind when criticizing the SP3 for its lapability.