Too many apps makes organization complicated -- suggestions?

Hello everyone!

For the past year, I have been developing a case of "app overload" aka I have been exposed to so many great applications thanks to The Verge, friends, and other tech sites that I want to download all of them -- and I do. But this makes my method of organization complicated.

For example, I use Pocket to save things I want to read later, but don't always remember to go back and read in Pocket. I also still use traditional bookmarks but just forget about them at times and regoogle what I have already googled. I just redownloaded Feedly after a hiatus from it and discover I really like it to track blogs, which is helping a bit. But this does not help with saving webpages that I would like to remember later -- and ACTUALLY remember later.
I love Evernote, but have not made a large use out of it like some of my friends at school have (I don't use it for class note-taking, or scanning in items, I use another app for that called CamScanner. Also don't use the webclipper but just downloaded it again which is overwhelming me - what will I now try to organize into evernote with the webclipper on top of other apps I use to remember things I have spotted online?).
I also have been trying to figure out a task-management system that works for me. I have used/tried out many apps (Trello, ToDoist, Wunderlist,, Keep, and others) and went to Google Tasks because it was directly in my google calendar. But only after I transferred all my school due dates did I realize it was not supported on as many apps for integration as I would like. I am really looking for a good task management system that has a nice widget that I can utilize on my Nexus 4 for quick access and reminders.

The gist of this all here is, I have so many time/task/organization management tools, that they are starting to become too scattered and not integrated at all. I know all apps have different purposes and perks/downsides, but the ultimate question I am asking is what management system/group of apps do you guys use to keep this constant flow of information, advice, cool findings that you stumble upon the internet at bay?

Thanks so much in advance!! Sorry for the long story.