Surface 3 for when ? let the bets begin

Last year the Surface Pro 2 just got a hardware change to Haswell and the kickstand, not really something big.On the other hand the Surface 2 got a medium size pack of upgrades; new design, Tegra 4, kickstand, better screen, bigger battery, cameras and slightly lighter .



Yesterday the Surface Pro got a Major update , its still haswell but very worth it ; and since Broadwell is not coming until later this year there was no reason not to make the upgrade now.


Now to the question , Microsoft could upgrade right now the Surface 2 to 3 some of the new features brought onto the SP3 but IMO wouldn't be sufficient to justify the upgrade because it already got some in the last upgrade .

I believe they are waiting for new hardware to make the upgrade worth it, but witch ?. The Tegra K1 would be the most likely candidate, that GPU is fantastic

And since its coming soon would be a good time , not too soon after the Surface 2 and not too late that would miss a Surface 4 launch in early 2015 alongside a broadwell SP4.


Another 2 possible scenarios (not really seeing this happen) would be Microsoft waiting for a 64bit SOC , but that would mean waiting at least until :

- late 2014 for the Denver K1 ; meaning the 2 lines would get out of sync , they wouldn't launch another versions just a couple of month later

- early 2015 for the Snapdragon 810 and launch it along the SP4 , the Surface 2 would be on the market for around at least 1y and a quarter. Thats a lot of time to keep the Tegra 4 and a 660grm weight when many are coming close to 500grm and lower

Whats your bet ?