Interesting comments about SP3

Right off the bat the new clickpad on the 3rd generation type cover is a lot better, but it's still not in laptop-territory as far as experience goes -

Glass-like trackpad. I don't believe the bigger, new trackpad on Surface Pro 3 is actual glass, but it is just as good. - Paul Thurrot

On the Amtrak train ride home from New York, the Ultrabook screen next to me was shaking regularly with the shaking of the train, but the Surface Pro 3 was rock-solid. - Paul Thurott

Overall the display is a big improvement over the previous Surface Pro generations, but it's still behind iPad Air territory in terms of color reproduction which is disappointing. Given Microsoft's focus on Surface Pro 3 as an image editing tool, I would've hoped for class leading performance across the board. -

The system's internal fan was definitely audible during the Cinebench run. -

I can already predict the Verge review for SP3........the first half will be them trying to figure out if it a laptop or tablet. To which they will lean towards laptop.... after which they will pick holes at the type cover / track pad saying it not as good as the Mac Air keyboard and the new kickstand is still not good enough and device is too difficult ad fiddly to setup on your lap.

Conclusion as always is ....SP3 'jack of all trades, master of none'.