Microsoft mixed up the Pro and the Retina Pro (and the comparison should be the Air) (Updated)

So let me cut to the chase and point out something rather misleading. Microsoft compared the Pro 3 to the "MacBook Pro" which weighs in at 3.46 pounds... and you see this:


The image of the MacBook Pro is probably this one of the old Pro, and it's 4.50lb, not 3.46lb which is the Retina MacBook Pro


Heck, actually it's probably the image of the old 15" Pro (how can you screw up this badly?)


And shouldn't they be comparing it with a 13" MacBook Air (which they did yesterday) which is a more comparable 2.96 pounds (vs. 2.42lb for SP3+keyboard)?


Kudos to Microsoft for updating their comparison (note the proper weight of 2.4lb with Type Cover attached)


But it looks like Microsoft still isn't too keen about posting the latest MacBook Air model.

They probably Googled up "MacBook Air" and chose the first image they saw...


...which is the wrong image. This is a 2011/2012 model running Lion, when it should have been this instead:


Oh well. I better stop fussing too much. At least they got the type right. Or, Microsoft, just don't compare it with anything if you can't do it right.