T-Mobile Upgrade

hey guys

Im due for an upgrade with tmobile and i need help choosing a phone. Im coming from htc one s and what im looking for in a new phone is a mostly the camera (front and back) and battery life, these are my two main concerns. I use snapchat and take a lot "selfies" with friends, so the front camera has to be decent and i've never printed out any photos from my phone, but i have uploaded and viewed them on my computer. I consider myself a heavy user, checking social media constantly, texting, lots of web browsing and the occasional gaming. Also, im no stranger to rooting and flashing ROMs, if that helps.

I've narrowed it down t three phones:

- HTC One M8: i really like the design of the M8 and the bezels dont bother me at all. the speaker would be a plus and ive heard it has great battery life. the main problem, is the ultra pixel camera. like i said, i dont print out pictures and only sometimes blow it up and view it on my computer screen, but how does the camera compare with the rest of the competition. is the camera up to par?

- Note 3: i think the Note 3 is an all around beast. The snadragon 800 should be fine for my needs, and it has 3GB of RAM. The front and back camera should be more than enough from what ive read and the battery life should also be great. the only issue, is the transition from a small device like the One S to a big phone like the Note 3.

-iPhone 5s: the iphone would be an easier transition coming from an One S, as the iphone is a bit smaller. many of my friends have iphones, and apple exclusives (face time + imessage) is making me consider the iPhone. the iphone has great camera's, but how is the battery life? how does it compare to the note 3 and m8.

Feel free to suggest any other phones. Thanks.