Surface 2 vs Samsung Chromebook 2

I find it interesting how all these comparisons are being made about the surface to the macbook or the ipad. But what about the chromebook? Given the choice, would you either buy a Surface 2 (RT version - 32 GB) or the new Samsung Chromebook 2 (13 inch - 16 GB).

Specs aside, it more about what they have to offer, and it's pretty darn similar. They aren't traditional laptops, but they offer the same kind of productivity their counterpart claims. Google Drive vs. Microsoft OneDrive. Google Docs, Sheets, and Presentation vs. Microsoft Office RT. Chrome Apps vs Windows Store (which in comparison, I think Microsoft Wins). To be honest, a Windows RT device may be a better buy than a Chromebook, simply because it can do more (which is what I'd go with).

What do you guys think?