Tip: Using the Neckstrap for More Stable Shots

I find that one of the main disadvantages of not having an eye-level viewfinder on my mirrorless camera is that it makes it more difficult to get stable shots in low light, since I'm not braced against my face and need to hold my camera out to see the screen.

Previously, I used to brace my elbows in tightly against my torso, but it's a pretty awkward position that really tenses up your body. I recently realized, however that I could use the neckstrap and hold my camera out as far away from my body as possible until the strap is tight, creating a tension-tripod. Huge difference!

I know it's not a big revelation, and I'm sure lots of people already do it, but I just figured I'd share, since it's helped me out.

Between that technique and the optical image stabilization in the old Panasonic 14-140 Mk. 1, I can get acceptably sharp shots at 140mm (that is, 280mm equivalent) and 1/40s or 1/30s!