Possible switch from iPhone to Lumia 925

Long story short. Thinking about switching to T-Mobile (from iPhone 5 Verizon) and buying the 925 for $220 from NewEgg. I am thinking about switching to Android but the 925 for that price is really attractive.

But here are the biggest apps I use on iPhone and hopefully you guys have a list of good replacements for them:

- Syncing gmail contacts and mail (I assume gmail contacts can sync with WP)

- Exchange email for work ( I assume this works great)

-Whatsapp (no longer available for WP, but hopefully they will come out with a newer version soon?)

-Tweetbot (have not seen any client on iPhone or Android that comes close to it)

- Instagram (already there)

- Simple (bank)

- Clear (to do list)

- Pocket Casts

- Spotify (already on there)

- Tumblr (already on there)

- Flipboard (already on there)

- Mailbox.app for gmail

- Soundcloud

- Nike Running

- Mapmyride

- Uber

- Snapchat

- Alien Blue (reddit)

- Amazon Store app

- Steam

thank you for your help!