The biggest advantage of iOS over Android

Backups! Period.

Now I bitch about this all the time, but a situation today has inspired me to write about it more. Android has grown immensely over it's history and continues to do so at a good rate, but one major aspect that continues to be neglected is backups. I'm not referring to the Google data like Gmail or Keep notes or some of the system settings. I'm talking about a full-fledged, bonafide, complete, useful backup of the system settings, applications AND their data, everything!

You can achieve this in Android by installing a custom recovery which will allow for a NAND backup which will return your device exactly has you backed it up or you can root and use Titanium Backup (or other alternative I don't know of) and get almost the same result. Both are acceptable backups, but neither are an acceptable method for the typical person or a person who is "done" tinkering (me.)

It's an old feature in iOS now, but I was blown away by how simply and how well restoring an iCloud backup from a 4S to a 5S was after not using the feature in a long while. It covered everything from the system settings, all email accounts were restored, all applications were restored and the data for each application was retained, it even retained applications that were open on the 4S when the last backup occurred!!! Why for the love of all that is good is there nothing even remotely close to this natively in Android in this day and age when people change/lose phones like they change/lose their mind?

Until Google adds this simple feature, iOS will always hold a place in my heart for doing things right.

/terminate bitching;