Best App for Outlook/Microsoft Exchange email

Hey everyone,

So a brief background. I've always used gmail. My University used gmail, my personal is gmail, my junk is gmail, everything is gmail. As such I've been using mailbox for ios and I love it! It helps me stay on top of my daily flood of emails. Well I just graduated (last Sunday actually! BS in Biochem),and I will be attending Pharmacy School in the fall. I now have a new student email at my new school that I need to pay attention to, but I have no idea what the best way of managing email from this kind of account is. Mailbox doesn't support microsoft exchange. I think it's microsoft exchange anyway, the log in screen says "Connected to Microsoft Exchange" at the bottom, but it opens up into outlook Web App when I log in.

So I ask you, what is the best app for managing Microsoft exchange email accounts? Looking for something that can keep me as organized as Mailbox does. Is the best app just the default ios mail app? I don't even have any account linked to that lol.

Thanks in advance!

Also the Outlook web App is disgusting. Any computer apps you recommend? Mac OS please