Cheap Android for mp3 player?

Hey everyone. I have an iPhone, but it's only 16GB, and I'd like to be able to listen to music and podcasts on the subway and to save some data. I'm looking at getting a basic android phone for this, and probably some minor gaming - GTA vice city would be the most graphically intense game I'd try. Plus it would be kind of fun to try out Android after having an iPhone and a windows phone for the past several years.

I'd want either 32 GBs of storage or a microSD slot, and roughly a $200 budget.

I've looked around at a lot of different phones, from a Moto G to a Blu phone (Studio 6 HD or Life One) to a used Galaxy S III or Note 2. It would mostly be in my bag or jacket pocket, so a bigger phone/phablet is fine, and might even be better for casual browsing (especially compared to an iPhone screen).

I like the Moto G, especially since it's pretty pure android, but the one with a microSD is $220. I've seen decent prices on a Galaxy S III, but I'm a little concerned about it getting Android updates, and wondering how fast it'll run against today's mid-low range phones.

What would your pick be? Or should I just try to trade in my iPhone for a larger one?