Surface pro 2 question.

Hey guys, i got my pro 2 a little over a week ago, I had a cosmetic thing i wanted to ask about it. The area around where the mag lock pops into on the machine, I notice the black paint is wearing off and you can see the metal through the paint. Is that normal to have happened this early of having the device? It seems like it would be because most ports like this it happens to, but usually over a course of longer time. I'm just wondering if best buy sold me a blemished return one, and repackaged it. They've done that to me in the past, where they sold me devices that were returned without telling me, and i'd discover dents and dings in the products. Anyone just recently have a surface and notice the same thing? Or even someone who has had it for a while, did this happen to your units as well? Not something i really care about, I'm just wondering if they sold me a returned one rather than a brand new one.