Surface pro 3 pen info & more

Hey guys, hope all is well. I am a fairly new SP2 owner, and I am really enjoying the device. really enjoying doing my client work on it, and everything inbetween. I quickly realized the stock pen that came with the pro 2 wasn't gona do the trick for me. The tip was a bit inaccurate and hard to work with. I got it for the wacom tech, so I knew when I bought the device I could buy a third party stylus. That was my plan anyway. I grabbed the bamboo stylus feel. Really nice pen option for the Surface pro 2. Corrected the accuracy a lot. Can really get into the corners with ease. Enjoying it a lot. If you are a new Surface pro 1/2 owner, and you are a creative using the pro for drawing and painting, check out the bamboo stylus feel, it will make the experience much more enjoyable for you. I'm also using a flex type nib on my feel for better traction, which i enjoy. Also, make sure you download the Wacom feel it driver to unlock their features.

I love what I saw with the Pro 3. Though, I've been a Wacom user for many years. The move to N-trig did scare me a bit. So I tweeted to Panos on Tuesday and asked him if the team could do a blog for those who are creators/art makers and for those who are worried about upgrading or are in an unsure position. They did just that today, with a blog about the new pen for artists. It's a cool read if you are an artist who uses the pro line. It looks like they put a lot of thought into this pen this time around. On one hand, with wacom we had the option to grab a stylus from various makers, which is cool, but if they nailed the pen we won't have to do that. If you read this blog, you'll realize that pressure is measured by software, not the physical pen. Which means, they probably will have it tweaked to 1024 or as they say in the blog they will have an option so we can tweak the pressure curves and other things. The only concern i have is the tip. My work comes out like crap without a specific nib feel. I was never able to use the slick plastic type of tip on glass. It becomes very slippery. That's why I enjoy the flex type nib I have in my bamboo feel.

I think this a great blog that they did and i wanted to share it with some of you guys. It seems like this will not be your average N-trig setup like you've tried in the past. I think it will be much more well thought out than ever before. I'm really excited to try it out myself, and hear what other artists think of it.

Check out the MS blog out here