Microsoft is very slow to make things happen.

I have many Microsoft products and in order to keep giving my money to them they need to get their heads out of their behind and make things happen. I can't even recommend their products right now, cause I can't live with the fact that I recommended someone to tryout their products to:

Windows Phone:

- To miss notifications?

- To have the worst Skype Experience on any platform? It doesn't support voice messages, lol.

- To not be able to toggle data on the notification center (Come on, how easy is that, lol, fail)

- To use an app, go to a second app and then try to return to the prior app and get hit with "resuming" . Why? It's not like I opened other apps, why does it need to resume, did it run out of ram? Do that on iOS/Android and you will be taken back "immediately".

- To use the worst music app in mobile?

Windows 8 on Tablets:

- To have the slowest store ever?

- Also miss notifications?

- To have the onedrive app not show files that were shared with you?

- To have the second worst skype app? (Modern app) still no voice messages, they don't even show up, lol.

- To have the worst video app?

- Many things but I don't want to talk about it cause its just SAD!!!

Microsoft doesn't even support custom labels for phone numbers ANYWHERE!!! Have a friend that has 5 numbers you need to give them the generic names "mobile 1-5". Quote from Microsoft: "We no support you friend number that iz labeled "Philippine Cell" sorry I is stupid"

All they know how to say is "in the coming weeks", I know a week 3 years from now is a coming week too.

If they don't get their stuff together soon, they are going to be doomed and nothing is going to save them, cause I mean this stuff can be fixed by them without any third party getting involved.


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